October 23th, 2008

Masa rotunda din cadrul Conferintei “Constructions of Identity (V)”

Modernity (Canonicity) – Canonization and the Teaching of Literature

Speakers: Dr. Eve Patten, Dr. Pia Brinzeu, Dr. Sanda Berce, Dr. Rares Moldovan

Defining the relationship between modernity and canonicity (in art and literature) implies going through certain steps (difficult, quite often) when the necessity arises to acknowledge the “authority” which gives the verdict – reader, cultural journals, university, curriculum, syllabus, etc. The teaching of literature (methods and modalities), the reading (and the act of interpretation), book reviews can turn into as many stimuli / agents of canonization.

Hence, a discussion on:

(a)     Modernity – the contemporary, tradition and the canon in literature;

(b)     Critical reception and canonization;

(c)     “Classicized text” – “classified text” – “canonic” (?),”non-canon”, “not-canon”

(d)     The dynamics and the revision of the categories specified above.