6 decembrie 2012

Cultural imprints in the age of globalization: writing region and nation

Exploratory workshop (PN-II-ID-WE-2012-0-467)

General description: Centering on key issues of great interest and relevance in the current cultural debate of the global in relation to the regional and local, such as the creation of places as memory, the themes of inhabitation and displacement, crucial for the understanding of the sense of place in its regional and local variations, the workshop hosted by the Centre for the Study of the Contemporary British Novel (The Faculty of Letters, Babeº-Bolyai University) had a profound impact on the study of literary culture at a national and international level.

Participation: By bringing together reputed academics from universities of different regions of Europe – The University of Florence, Italy, The University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, The University of Debrecen, Hungary, The University of Bucharest and Babeº-Bolyai University of Cluj – specialists who have done research and written on the topics above, the workshop served not only as a multi-regional, and European, arena for debate, but also as a basis for future cooperation, and for disseminating the ideas of the workshop on the international academic market.